let our Love and Light flow naturally into the world…we can make a difference…and we must

Messages of Love:

Search for the answers within…and you will know what to do.  Connect with your Source on a daily basis.

Be sensitive to that which is in your heart. Talk to, live with…become one with Divineness.

Trust your feelings and follow them… for where you find feeling, you will always find your higher self.

Love is the deciding factor in all things…know that there is nothing more important and that nothing else  can  fill the void… because we have been created in Love.  Wherever you find Love, you will always find a higher level of attunement.

All we need to do now is contemplate the state of oneness…ourselves, each other, the world…and strive for peace and the spirit of Love.  If we let our Love and Light  flow naturally  into the world…we can make a difference…and we must.



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