let our Love and Light flow naturally into the world…we can make a difference…and we must

Messages of Love:

Search for the answers within…and you will know what to do.  Connect with your Source on a daily basis.

Be sensitive to that which is in your heart. Talk to, live with…become one with Divineness.

Trust your feelings and follow them… for where you find feeling, you will always find your higher self.

Love is the deciding factor in all things…know that there is nothing more important and that nothing else  can  fill the void… because we have been created in Love.  Wherever you find Love, you will always find a higher level of attunement.

All we need to do now is contemplate the state of oneness…ourselves, each other, the world…and strive for peace and the spirit of Love.  If we let our Love and Light  flow naturally  into the world…we can make a difference…and we must.



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Evolutionary Collective of Light Beings

very interesting indeed…..

Simion, the Evolutionary Collective of Light Beings

light beingsWe are a collective of light beings residing in a seventh dimensional perspective whose purpose is to assist in spiritual evolution. We are attempting to promote Human development by raising your vibration and sharing methods you can use to uplift your consciousness to a multidimensional awareness so that you may join your planet in its upcoming shift to a fourth dimensional reality.

Together with other advanced beings we are opening energy pathways and enhancing your DNA so that you can handle the new level of vibration. The accelerating energy leading to the planetary shift is causing a revolution in awareness on many levels. Those that learn to attune to higher frequencies will experience the dawn of a new era for humanity and the planet. It is our aim to encourage your species to meet the opportunity this challenge elicits.

You may wonder who we are and where we are coming from. Let us first say that we are made of the same universal life force of creation that you are and we are therefore not separate. However, our level of awareness and the lightness of our vibration allow us to be conscious of higher levels of creation than your present awareness does. We are multi-dimensional beings in that we are able to travel with our awareness through many levels of reality and to many different worlds that have been created by consciousness at its most fundamental level.

We are a collective because we have an understanding of our interconnectedness and have joined our energies to focus our attention in creating worlds. You do the same on your level but with less awareness and slower results that are grounded in material forms that appear concrete to you because of how you vibrate. We exist primarily on a level of vibration that would be considered the 7th in your terms. Though we do not experience space and time as you do, we recognize your need to understand and visualize within the context of such parameters. While most of our consciousness resides at the 7th dimensional vibration, we move freely from this level to others above and below.


Our collective consciousness communicates by means of light transference. We share sparks of light with one another, with a larger collective soul, and with various aspects of creation such as you. All of our connections are based on the transference of source sparks or bits of consciousness in the form of energy rays or bursts of light. We travel and communicate over the lines of light to which we are all connected on an atomic level. Thoughts then move over the lines as sparks of intent to particular targets. We are communicating with the channel for this writing in this way. There is a thread of light that connects us through which we share sparks of consciousness from our collective to the soul of the channel.

As seventh dimensional entities, we are intimately involved with the highways of light that make up the energy signatures and hence structures of this universe and others beyond. We are orchestrators of light forms. We are builders with light energy. We have evolved to grow and mold the atomic particles of consciousness that are integral to creation. By infusing and communing in a symbiotic balance with these particles, we encourage consciousness building. In this way we are assisting in the evolutionary creation process of worlds. Groups of us focus on uplifting particular light structures as needed. We are foundation builders and enhancers to all forms of life within the multi-verse.

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Hello world!

Greetings humans!  This is Ahabel from the planet Juprietia.

My sisters Atiwek, Axukaz, Atonuc, Akathesh and I found one of Father’s old communication devices in a heap of his discarded experiments and discovered it still works!

So here we are!

Needless to say we were very excited and couldn’t decide what to tell you first, or even which of us would get to use it first. So we decided (well, my sisters decided) that I was best suited to speak to you, (since I get the highest marks in intergalactic language studies), but that they might, on occasion, intercede when necessary.

We have so much we want to tell you, and feel that there is even more enlightening information we need to impart to you, and make clear certain things to help you. We can’t wait to share with you the things we have in store…

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Let’s just hope father doesn’t find out, or he will be very angry….