Juprietians use a type of Quantum Therapy to help healing

The following information is from Quantum Therapy.net, and is very close to how Juprietians use energy to “heal” , and is probably the closest I’ve found to the techniques we use to help people be whole again.


QUANTUM THERAPY (as explained in the recently-published book LET THE BODY SPEAK) encompasses all the natural, non-toxic and non-invasive healing modalities – but it’s not limited to them.

Its All About Energy


QT is the crown jewel of the Holistic approach, because in every case it addresses the core issue by identifying and removing CAUSES that underlie the specific condition. This is a multi-dimensional approach which represents a true change of focus – indeed, a paradigm-shift – and is therefore in a class by itself. It recognizes that symptoms are only the outcome of a PROCESS, which itself stems from a CAUSE or trigger – and in most cases, several causes are involved in a full-blown pathological condition. Therefore, QT focuses not on the symptoms (which are the EFFECT) – but rather on the roots of the problem. The symptoms serve us only in the capacity of guidelines, of biological anchors through which we address the body’s areas of concern. Once the causes are identified and eliminated – then both the process which ensued from them and the resulting symptoms – will automatically disappear. Furthermore, QT maintains that the body – in its infinite wisdom – produces the symptoms for a double purpose. They are its most effective way of communicating its distress, its way of calling attention to the problem, as if saying: “Please help me. Please change something to make me better”… as well as its way of coping with a situation that has not been resolved.

In addition to uncovering causes, we also identify and remove any obstacles or barriers that may be blocking the healing efforts of the body. In essence, we can achieve so much in a relatively short time by virtue of two techniques:

First, by asking the following pertinent questions:

  1. Are there any blocks, obstacles, barriers or interferences to the process of healing?
    (If so, we remove them).
  2. What are the causes that created the problematic situation and how to eradicate them?
    (Then we proceed to carry out the Body’s requirement)
  3. Are there any weakened organs or compromised biological systems that need support?
    (If yes, then we give the support from several angles)

Second, by performing the following sequential steps for ENERGY BALANCING:

  1. Removing obstacles and interferences
  2. Correcting physical and emotional impairments
  3. Supporting the person’s multi-faceted life needs
  4. Halting or reversing the aging process
  5. Educating the patient to understand dis-ease and healing
  6. Reconnecting to Source
  7. Providing self-empowering tools for health, happiness and longevity
  8. Clearing family and personal relationships
  9. Sharing Holistic Life Management skills

The two aspects of QT are, therefore, the testing and the correction….two sides of the same coin, that work hand in hand. All this, of course, is TEAM WORK, in which YOU, the health-seeker, is the performing actor and the practitioner serves in a secondary role, as facilitator, guide and teacher.

HOLISTIC TESTING is the discovery part, the key that unlocks these doors, by accessing the relevant information stored in cellular memory, through the use of a biologically-viable system of communication with the body. After uncovering the original causes of a problematic situation, we can clear the whole track from that point backwards and forwards. This shortens significantly the time needed for healing and places QT LIGHT YEARS AHEAD of all other therapeutic approaches.

The CORRECTIVE part is comprehensive, gentle and quick-acting. It encompasses the structural, nutritional, environmental, hereditary, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of the person’s life, both past and present, to such an extent that old traumas are erased, pathogenic organisms are neutralized, toxins are cleared from the tissues, bad memories become stripped of their “negative charge”, self-imposed sabotage and inhibitions are transformed to become “non-issues”, self-esteem is elevated and fatigue is converted to vitality. QT uses various self-healing modalities – such as scientific nutrition, structural re-alignment, multi-dimensional tissue detoxification, emotional repair, vortex release, neurological corrections, spiritual mending, full-spectrum homeopathy and a host of other natural methods – all by asking “the body” first. So the practitioner does not impose his professional judgment or his ‘educated guess’ upon the patient, but rather interrogates the Inner Wisdom to find out what IT requires in order to regain its health. That’s why QUANTUM THERAPY succeeds where other therapeutic systems fail – because it upholds the body as the major source of information about itself.

The outstanding feature of QT is in uncovering the ROOTS of the problem and removing blocks or obstacles which may be impeding the healing process. Many corrections can be made on the spot, at the core level, eradicating the causes with cutting-edge methods and innovative clinical procedures that are in total harmony with the individual who seeks health restoration. This change of focus makes all the difference!

Actually, the ultimate goal of Quantum Therapy is to create “Metamorphosis”, which is defined as “a striking alteration in appearance, character or circumstances”. These changes can manifest as better health, a greater joy of life, enhanced appearance, a pleasanter voice, stronger coping skills, a fortified immune system, more stable personal boundaries, a higher self-esteem, a more satisfying social life, expanded freedom, the recaptured vitality of youth, the full expression of creativity, the setting and fulfillment of goals and the feelings of happiness and ever-present gratitude.

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humans are only .000000001% solid/ physical and 99.999999999% energy

We found this perusing your internet and are amazed more of you do not embrace these facts:

The following was found here at hidden answers:

Simply put,  life starts at an energy first.

The material contained here can be quite deep for most people and possibly somewhat hard to digest, especially if you come from a life time of main stream everything is physical and out of your control programming.  It is not required reading, or knowledge, but is placed here for those who simply need a deeper understanding of how things work behind the scenes.

With that being said, lets start with the “everything is physical” concept because this truly is the most difficult yet fundamental concept to grasp about our reality we call life.

You can do your own homework after you read it to see for yourself this collection of  presented information is cutting edge true from the newer understandings of quantum physics to the newer understandings of biology which have not filtered down into standard medical community as of yet.   Here we go…

We all suffer from the same basic illusion– that being: We are mostly solid physical beings.

The truth is, it is just the opposite.

Your bodies 30 to 50 trillion cells are all made up of Atoms which are the smallest part of you.  And each Atom, is 99.999999999999% empty space, and the dense parts of the atom come out of no where (energy field) into particle matter, then disappear back into no where (energy field).  Einstein E=mc2

This means you are; endlessly physically changing from an energy life field into a partially physical form mostly not here in dense matter. In fact you are only .000000000001% physically here! Mind blowing isn’t it?

Can’t accept that?  Try this!  A similar illusional analogy can be made of television or the motion pictures where a series of still frame pictures, strung together one after another, shown at a fast speed, makes your mind believe it’s real and moving as you do.   Even, more mind blowing is those moving pictures are informational light photons that you are looking at, which are not even physical. Yet you get lost in a movie, as you do in life.

I know this is simple fact is the hardest concept for most people to grasp. That’s because because you have been trained your whole life to focus on the small foreground view, and dismiss the the larger picture behind it like the depth of field of a picture as shown to the right.  In fact, your eyes only see a tiny slice of the total electromagnetic energy spectrum which is only one source of energy and dismiss the rest. See a picture of the electromagnetic energy spectrum here.

Of course you taste, touch, smell, see, hear, and hopefully bleed too when your cut.  But It all follows some interactive rules of perception which to some degrees are different from person to person, and at various times in our four dimensional world of height, width, length, time.

Even time can very in perception.  Many people in auto accidents recall the split second event as happening in slow motion with every detail seeming to take a long time to complete, then bam… back to what we normally agree to as time.   Or is that time really agreed to ?  A certain task can be a long drawn out never ending drudgery for one, and a blink of the eye, to soon to be over pleasure for the other.  And why do some people seem to age faster, or slower than others?  Starting to see the picture?  Something unseen here is influencing the so called physical side of life.

And what is really solid?  When a hammer strikes a nail?  As you do some homework into quantum physics you will find that not only do no two atoms even touch each other within either the hammer or the nail, but that the hammer never really touches the nail itself.  It is only the energy fields of the atoms of the hammer that do impact the nail, much like when you hold the repelling poles of two magnets together in your hands and feel there power.

You can feel your body as surely as you can feel the power of love or hate.  Your senses are designed to perceive the energetic world around you in a way that you can interpret it to a set of both somewhat commonly shared perceptions and solely individual perceptions as well.

If you’re starting by now to wonder if you took the red pill instead of the blue pill as in the movie the matrix (or maybe I did) you may not be that far off.  As science is finally proving not all is that is seems to be, and even the mere effect of observing some of their experiments effects the experiment itself by being observed.  And even non-physical forces like intention, have been physically recorded in a variety of repeatable scientific experiments which happens to also be the basis of many prayers as taught by many religions.

The points being made here are to help you get past what may be limiting perceptions that were passed onto you by others who unknowingly live by limiting perceptions that were passed onto them as well.  Knowledge and awareness change over time when one is ready for it.  Are you ready to see how this can relate to your health as well?

By the way, what or who do you think occupies that 99.999999999999% empty space, within your space?

The bottom line is this:  Everything is Energy,
Including You!
Still Not Understanding? Then Click The Energy Body Movie > 

you are only .000000000001%  physically here!

Energy can’t be destroyed, only transformed! 99.999999999999%