Light Beings, Orbs and Angels- from Simion7d

Light Beings, Orbs and Angels

Paranormal Orbs, Angels, and Light Being
Simion channeling about light beings being seen as light orbs. These are the light orbs often seen around UFOs. Simion compares light beings, or what may be known as paranormal orbs, to angels.

Angels are messengers and guardians and can take any shape, while light being orbs are involved in creation and evolution at an energy level.

Keys to Soul Evolution book excerpt
Telepathic channeling from Simion December 20, 2008
We are Simion, the Evolutionary Collective. We will and are for that matter appearing to humankind in our collective form and as aspects of our collective energy, or as what you would perceive to be our individual forms. You observe the energy of the collective as massive and luminous globes of light. When we are seen near or around UFOs we are usually in a collective form. We are often seen elsewhere on a more personal level as smaller orbs of light, and if you are open, can be accompanied by telepathic messages. The feeling tone of our transmission is not what you might interpret as emotional in nature. You are more apt to feel sensations of buoyancy, tingling or heightened senses. We are not emotional beings. We are beings of creative vibration. We are often sensed as amplification of your own energy. We do not impose on your beliefs; we only enhance the development of your path. Therefore, each of you will interpret our light through the lens of your understanding and beliefs.

We have often been referred to or mislabeled as angels, because your culture has a familiarity with that notion, and we often act in a similar fashion to what you understand to be the job of angels. In a sense, we can be seen as an angelic force in that we are bringers of light, but we are different than what historically and biblically is referred to as angels. Biblical angels are another type of being that also exist multi-dimensionally, but their function or mission and methods are different than ours. A whole book can be written on the nature, purpose and behavior of angelic forces and that is not our aim in this writing, but for the sake of clarification, we will offer a simple comparison.

Angels are messengers between the various dimensional expressions of creation and the ethereal realm between. In other words, they exist as a link between life and afterlife expressions. They assist in the lessons and interpretations during your transitions to the next level or type of reality. As such, they are assigned to particular beings to help them assimilate what it is they came to do in a given life. They help with the soul’s departure from the physical form and aid them in realizations while in their spirit transition form. Angels are go betweens. There are angels that assist with all forms of life on your planet and all others in the universe. They are individual ethereal beings that can take any particular shape needed to get their messages across. And so they will often walk among you as other humans, animals or objects that get your attention. Angels will tend to take forms that your mind can formulate and translate.

Angels differ from us in that they do not have the ability to alter or enhance energy expressions. They are messengers, not builders. As such they are not creators of realities, but are rather pipelines between realities. Specifically, they are the telegraph system between our energy grid creations and the resting and assessing zone between. We assist your journey while you are creating in a so called physical form, while they keep you on track as to what you were individually intending during this life and bridge you to the next. We assist you in evolving as creators and infuse the entire creative system with energy, while angels relay reminders to your individual spirits regarding your chosen lessons for a given life. So while we take no offense to being called angels, we are formulators of life forms and are therefore technically quite different aspects of the God force then are angels. We are all different aspects of a greater creation dynamic and each have our place in the perpetuation of all existence.

While your interaction with angels has been recognized for the most part throughout human history, your association and understanding of our presence has been less predominant. The connection is, however, growing stronger as you become more adept at manipulating the creational energy grid. As your perceptions of consciousness and its role in creating your environment grows, so will your associations with our energy. We will become greater companions as you participate more directly in materializing your thoughts.

For much more on the nature of light beings, angels and orbs read Simion’s book Keys to Soul Evolution: Gateway to the Next Dimension. See the publications link above for details.

Please also note that most reported orbs are photographic artifacts, so unless the orb is seen with the naked eye, that is likely what it is.

Click this link for information on orb photo artifacts
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photos and art of light beings

some interesting photos and art of light beings


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Evolutionary Collective of Light Beings

very interesting indeed…..

Simion, the Evolutionary Collective of Light Beings

light beingsWe are a collective of light beings residing in a seventh dimensional perspective whose purpose is to assist in spiritual evolution. We are attempting to promote Human development by raising your vibration and sharing methods you can use to uplift your consciousness to a multidimensional awareness so that you may join your planet in its upcoming shift to a fourth dimensional reality.

Together with other advanced beings we are opening energy pathways and enhancing your DNA so that you can handle the new level of vibration. The accelerating energy leading to the planetary shift is causing a revolution in awareness on many levels. Those that learn to attune to higher frequencies will experience the dawn of a new era for humanity and the planet. It is our aim to encourage your species to meet the opportunity this challenge elicits.

You may wonder who we are and where we are coming from. Let us first say that we are made of the same universal life force of creation that you are and we are therefore not separate. However, our level of awareness and the lightness of our vibration allow us to be conscious of higher levels of creation than your present awareness does. We are multi-dimensional beings in that we are able to travel with our awareness through many levels of reality and to many different worlds that have been created by consciousness at its most fundamental level.

We are a collective because we have an understanding of our interconnectedness and have joined our energies to focus our attention in creating worlds. You do the same on your level but with less awareness and slower results that are grounded in material forms that appear concrete to you because of how you vibrate. We exist primarily on a level of vibration that would be considered the 7th in your terms. Though we do not experience space and time as you do, we recognize your need to understand and visualize within the context of such parameters. While most of our consciousness resides at the 7th dimensional vibration, we move freely from this level to others above and below.


Our collective consciousness communicates by means of light transference. We share sparks of light with one another, with a larger collective soul, and with various aspects of creation such as you. All of our connections are based on the transference of source sparks or bits of consciousness in the form of energy rays or bursts of light. We travel and communicate over the lines of light to which we are all connected on an atomic level. Thoughts then move over the lines as sparks of intent to particular targets. We are communicating with the channel for this writing in this way. There is a thread of light that connects us through which we share sparks of consciousness from our collective to the soul of the channel.

As seventh dimensional entities, we are intimately involved with the highways of light that make up the energy signatures and hence structures of this universe and others beyond. We are orchestrators of light forms. We are builders with light energy. We have evolved to grow and mold the atomic particles of consciousness that are integral to creation. By infusing and communing in a symbiotic balance with these particles, we encourage consciousness building. In this way we are assisting in the evolutionary creation process of worlds. Groups of us focus on uplifting particular light structures as needed. We are foundation builders and enhancers to all forms of life within the multi-verse.

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Juprietians use a type of Quantum Therapy to help healing

The following information is from Quantum, and is very close to how Juprietians use energy to “heal” , and is probably the closest I’ve found to the techniques we use to help people be whole again.


QUANTUM THERAPY (as explained in the recently-published book LET THE BODY SPEAK) encompasses all the natural, non-toxic and non-invasive healing modalities – but it’s not limited to them.

Its All About Energy


QT is the crown jewel of the Holistic approach, because in every case it addresses the core issue by identifying and removing CAUSES that underlie the specific condition. This is a multi-dimensional approach which represents a true change of focus – indeed, a paradigm-shift – and is therefore in a class by itself. It recognizes that symptoms are only the outcome of a PROCESS, which itself stems from a CAUSE or trigger – and in most cases, several causes are involved in a full-blown pathological condition. Therefore, QT focuses not on the symptoms (which are the EFFECT) – but rather on the roots of the problem. The symptoms serve us only in the capacity of guidelines, of biological anchors through which we address the body’s areas of concern. Once the causes are identified and eliminated – then both the process which ensued from them and the resulting symptoms – will automatically disappear. Furthermore, QT maintains that the body – in its infinite wisdom – produces the symptoms for a double purpose. They are its most effective way of communicating its distress, its way of calling attention to the problem, as if saying: “Please help me. Please change something to make me better”… as well as its way of coping with a situation that has not been resolved.

In addition to uncovering causes, we also identify and remove any obstacles or barriers that may be blocking the healing efforts of the body. In essence, we can achieve so much in a relatively short time by virtue of two techniques:

First, by asking the following pertinent questions:

  1. Are there any blocks, obstacles, barriers or interferences to the process of healing?
    (If so, we remove them).
  2. What are the causes that created the problematic situation and how to eradicate them?
    (Then we proceed to carry out the Body’s requirement)
  3. Are there any weakened organs or compromised biological systems that need support?
    (If yes, then we give the support from several angles)

Second, by performing the following sequential steps for ENERGY BALANCING:

  1. Removing obstacles and interferences
  2. Correcting physical and emotional impairments
  3. Supporting the person’s multi-faceted life needs
  4. Halting or reversing the aging process
  5. Educating the patient to understand dis-ease and healing
  6. Reconnecting to Source
  7. Providing self-empowering tools for health, happiness and longevity
  8. Clearing family and personal relationships
  9. Sharing Holistic Life Management skills

The two aspects of QT are, therefore, the testing and the correction….two sides of the same coin, that work hand in hand. All this, of course, is TEAM WORK, in which YOU, the health-seeker, is the performing actor and the practitioner serves in a secondary role, as facilitator, guide and teacher.

HOLISTIC TESTING is the discovery part, the key that unlocks these doors, by accessing the relevant information stored in cellular memory, through the use of a biologically-viable system of communication with the body. After uncovering the original causes of a problematic situation, we can clear the whole track from that point backwards and forwards. This shortens significantly the time needed for healing and places QT LIGHT YEARS AHEAD of all other therapeutic approaches.

The CORRECTIVE part is comprehensive, gentle and quick-acting. It encompasses the structural, nutritional, environmental, hereditary, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of the person’s life, both past and present, to such an extent that old traumas are erased, pathogenic organisms are neutralized, toxins are cleared from the tissues, bad memories become stripped of their “negative charge”, self-imposed sabotage and inhibitions are transformed to become “non-issues”, self-esteem is elevated and fatigue is converted to vitality. QT uses various self-healing modalities – such as scientific nutrition, structural re-alignment, multi-dimensional tissue detoxification, emotional repair, vortex release, neurological corrections, spiritual mending, full-spectrum homeopathy and a host of other natural methods – all by asking “the body” first. So the practitioner does not impose his professional judgment or his ‘educated guess’ upon the patient, but rather interrogates the Inner Wisdom to find out what IT requires in order to regain its health. That’s why QUANTUM THERAPY succeeds where other therapeutic systems fail – because it upholds the body as the major source of information about itself.

The outstanding feature of QT is in uncovering the ROOTS of the problem and removing blocks or obstacles which may be impeding the healing process. Many corrections can be made on the spot, at the core level, eradicating the causes with cutting-edge methods and innovative clinical procedures that are in total harmony with the individual who seeks health restoration. This change of focus makes all the difference!

Actually, the ultimate goal of Quantum Therapy is to create “Metamorphosis”, which is defined as “a striking alteration in appearance, character or circumstances”. These changes can manifest as better health, a greater joy of life, enhanced appearance, a pleasanter voice, stronger coping skills, a fortified immune system, more stable personal boundaries, a higher self-esteem, a more satisfying social life, expanded freedom, the recaptured vitality of youth, the full expression of creativity, the setting and fulfillment of goals and the feelings of happiness and ever-present gratitude.

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Einstein says, Energy can’t be destroyed, only transformed!

Energy can’t be destroyed, only transformed!

Albert Einstein, who told us back in the 1920’s that everything (including our bodies) is composed of energy was right.  You are a energy being first, and body second.

Please ponder this a moment, then read the story below.

In the near death experience of Mellen-Thomas Benedict,  while in hospice care beyond medical treatment, and after his clinical death, lasting over 1 1/2 hours, he recalls most all the vivid details.  In part: He was shown in his life review “The moment he gave himself brain cancer years earlier” from the deep seeded subconscious beliefs he had about something that then manifested into the tumor.  Also, upon returning to life in his stiff body, his cancer was gone.  This is a documented event, and he is one of the worlds must studied and researched NDE Returnees who now travels the world sharing the knowledge of how important you really are to yourself, and how you really work.

Its been said that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.  I would like to rephrase that a bit.

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience, that in turn influences our spirit, which in turn influences our physical experience, and then back again.”  © Daniel J Zieler