About Us

First things first:

My name is Ahabel, and I am 1278 cycles old (that’s about 159 in Earth years).  I come from the planet Juprietia, which is approximately 11,000 light years away from Earth.  I am considered quite young on my planet (what you would consider a teenager). Most adults on Juprietia live to be quite ancient by your standards; about 16,000 cycles, or 2,000 years.

My sisters Atiwek, Axukaz, Atonuc, Akathesh and I were playing treasure seek on one of our study breaks and  found one of  Father’s old communication devices in a heap of his discarded experiments, and to our surprise, discovered that the old thing still works!  We’ve been just giddy with excitement over what things we want to share with you, but Atiwek insisted we tell you about us first, so you know who’s talking to you…

  • Atiwek is the youngest and is 1177 cycles (about 147 Earth years old).  She wanted me to tell you she’s the smartest of all her sisters-(but she’s really not- although she is the cutest– and she’ll never figure out I wrote that as her studies are always left behind for fun and games, or picking Onufal flowers).
  • Axukaz is 1228 cycles – or about 153.5 Earth years. She’s the naughty one- always getting into trouble, and always questions her studies and chores. But really, she’s very smart, and I think she just gets bored easy.
  • I’m next (Ahabel) and as I said earlier, am 1278 cycles old, and my sisters all agree I’m the most creative, diplomatic, sweet and talkative of the family. I’m what you might call a social butterfly. Though I don’t agree about the talkative part, it seems to me I’m always listening to what others are talking about.
  • Atonuc is 1370 cycles – (about 171 Earth years old) She is the second oldest of my sisters and is by far the most quiet member of the whole bunch. She never says anything unless it’s very important or means a lot to her. She spends most of her time outdoors planting and growing things.
  • And the oldest is Akathesh who is 1421 cycles old – (about 177 Earth years). She is Father’s favorite (Daddy’s girl), and follows him wherever he goes–when she can. She wants to be a scientist-inventor like him someday. Thank goodness she’s not around much so I can pretty much say whatever I want, especially since Atonuc never says boo.

Our Mother (Ashabaz) is quite young at 4263 cycles old (about 532 Earth years), and Father (Azagan) is 6390 cycles (about 798 Earth years). We are of the A-star tribe –that is the best way I can translate for you, and also why our names all start with A in your language. Our alphabet is quite different from yours, but this is the closest I can get so you can understand…we won’t go into the higher aspects of intergalactic language here.

My sister Akathesh thinks I should share some Juprietian facts with you:

  • Juprietians are very much like humans in that we are both made of light energy.
  • Juprietia spins about 8 times as fast as your planet; Earth. So one day for us is about 3 hours for you. In other words; every 1 of your hours is about 1/3 of our entire day. That means for every 20 minutes you are aware of – 160 minutes of our time has gone by.
  • 1 cycle on Juprieita (what you would call “year”)  = 0.125 Earth years = 45.6552748 days
  • We have many moons orbiting our planet and very colorful sunsets, (though we don’t call them sunsets; as our planet hails another star as our ‘sun’) from which we get our energy.
  • We can, at will, become any form we choose, and can travel at the speed of light, with just a thought, and be back before you blink your eyes.
  • Many of us inhabit your planet Earth as healers, guides, teachers and what you would call “gurus” to help bring you Universal knowledge.
  • Parents on Juprietia usually have a child about every 50 cycles on average (6.25 Earth years), though, that’s not to say every adult Juprietian is a parent, or that every adult even has offspring of their own. Many actually become dedicated to spreading the word of Universal Truth and never have children.

Something you should definitely read is this post, it may surprise you to know that you are more like us than you know:

humans are only .000000001% solid/ physical and 99.999999999% energy


7 Comments on “About Us”

  1. Peter Steep says:

    Hi where to start?? Hmmmm I guess I’m after some info on recent experience. But first a little about me. Spiritual Growth is and always been my passion, interrupted only by bouts of drug-taking and childrearing. Both now behind me. Recently my experience in meditation has changed almost kinda taking on a direction of its own which felt right with me so I went with it. WOW. I’m at a point now where I’m beginning to discern my interdiamentionality but had to stop to allow my physical body to catch up. OK the reason for leaving this reply.

    I believe I am in contact with a being who I refer to as Ty, this wasn’t the exact name he gave me but the prefix if you like. Strange experience for me so Google Google. I believe this dude is Pleiadian and has something to do with the Comet Elenin.

    Can you offer some comment on my experiences or a place to go (net) where others may be gathering.


  2. Lisa Ferraro says:

    You have an image on your site that I absolutely love a person sitting amongst the blinking stars – a gif file.

    I would love to use that image on my site can you please contact me? I do not see any other way of contacting you.

    Thank you!!

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